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Weird, wacky, wonderful

Roger and I went to see an exhibit of Tim Hawkinson’s work (among a half dozen or so other events!) at the Whitney this weekend. I went around saying the guy was mad as a hatter, a genius, one of … Continue reading

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The Gates

Christo’s new art installation in Central Park, The Gates, is magnificent. I went to see it on a bright, sunny, very windy day. Here’s a bit of what it looks like. Enjoy!

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Mississippi Weekend, or, Aunt Carol’s Resume

About 20 of the McLellans got together last weekend in Durant, Mississippi–from whence we all came, more or less. We wanted to get together with our aunts and uncles and such cousins and others as could come, just for a … Continue reading

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The rich are different–very different–from you and me

I’ve just finished the autobiography of Diana Cooper, born in 1892 into a fabulously wealthy English family. Her father was a duke, and she grew up in the most extraordinary circumstances. Here are just a few tidbits from the Manners … Continue reading

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Road trip!

Today I’m flying to Nashville to join some cousins for a road trip down to Mississippi to see our McLellan aunts and uncles for the weekend. I decided, not for the first time, that life is short and no one … Continue reading

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Of creativity and Indian food

Last week I decided I was going to go on a mainly vegetarian diet, and mainly Indian dishes. Don’t ask what made me think this was a good idea–it had something to do with increasing my intake of vegetables and … Continue reading

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At last, the blog comes to life!

Finally, it’s official: is alive and well. I’ve conquered technical troubles galore, thanks to the spectacular help facilities of I highly recommend this blogging service, especially for those of you who want to give full vent to all … Continue reading

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Brooklyn: You name it, we got it

The title is one of our local slogans, thought up by, I think, our borough president, Marty Markowitz. And it’s a good one, because in Brooklyn we do have everything you can think of, and a lot of stuff you … Continue reading

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Too, too much of the modern world

In the category of “things I don’t understand at all,” this from today’s New York Times: February 3, 2005 When the Sous-Chef Is an Inkjet By DAVID BERNSTEIN CHICAGO HOMARO CANTU’S maki look a lot like the sushi rolls served … Continue reading

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Feeling cranky

I’m appalled by how long it’s been since I’ve updated this blog. So here goes. Today I’ve been laid low with a miserable virus–sore throat, fever, general pessimism about everything–so I’ve pretty much stayed in bed and pulled the covers … Continue reading

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