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Sleepless in London

Calling all deaf Britons! It’s 4:30 am here in London, and I can’t sleep. So I turn on the TV, and what do I find? (You are bearing in mind that this is the land of 5, count ’em, five, … Continue reading

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She’s baaack!

The whole sad/happy saga will be told very soon. In the interim, do you recognize this face? Hmmm?

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Just trying to keep up

with Loretta, my friend at Pomegranates and Paper, who is a newish friend, writes a terrific blog, a great column in Cloth, Paper, Scissors, takes photos, creates art journals, and all kinds of other amazing things I can’t even begin … Continue reading

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One day in London

. . . in 1933, Patrick Leigh Fermor woke up and decided to walk to Constantinople. He writes about this epic journey in A Time of Gifts (which is followed by Between the Woods and the Water). So far, it’s … Continue reading

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2006 Resolutions

Don’t make many resolutions Buy stamps only online Start, continue, or finish intensive reading programs (recurring resolution) Keep a list of all books read (ditto, ditto) Travel like a madwoman* Keep up: my writing journal, my blog, my novel, and … Continue reading

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New Year’s Day

Happy New Year, everyone. I just typed a long post about the challenges of finding Southern food for New Year’s Day in Brooklyn. But it went off into the ether, and it wasn’t exciting enough to recreate. Herewith, a recipe, … Continue reading

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