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More from Nick . . .

From today’s New York Times February 20, 2007 Op-Ed Columnist Let

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Nick Kristof, who is one of my heroes, met us on the Jimma leg of the trip. Here’s what he wrote in yesterday’s Times: February 18, 2007 Op-Ed Columnist Torture by Worms By NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF JIMMA, Ethiopia Presidents are … Continue reading

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African dreams, part 1

I’ve been back in Brooklyn for about 3 days, and my African journey seems like a dream. Especially after what I’ve just seen, it’s even harder than usual to understand why one of the lead stories on the Today Show … Continue reading

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Kids, outside Abuja, Nigeria

Here are some of the kids I met in a village in NIgeria–the name of which I will come up with shortly!

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A couple of great things about Ethiopia: coffee and popcorn. Ethiopia, as those of us who routinely buy Ethiopian Sidamo at Starbucks know, is a major coffee producer–of excellent coffee. And there’s a coffee ceremony, which takes 2 hours and … Continue reading

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Strange and mysterious

I’ve been learning plenty about Ethiopia while I’m here. Some of the oddities: It’s 1999 in Ethiopia, thanks to some quirk of the Orthodox calendar. New Year’s Day is, I think, on September 11. Clock time is different, too, running … Continue reading

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5-star views of Addis

Some photos of the hotel I”m staying in. I am about to head out to the REAL Addis. . . .

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Oh, the magic of the name: Addis Ababa! Ethiopia is one of the poorest countries on earth, but the capital–at least the route from the airport to the 5-star Sheraton–looks prosperous and clean, compared with all other African cities I’ve … Continue reading

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