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It’s about time

I was in Ethiopia when this dispute was in full flower. Now settled, as it should be. Ending Dispute, Starbucks Is to Help Ethiopian Farmers   By THE NEW YORK TIMES     After a dispute over coffee trademarks that … Continue reading

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Putting up Christmas

After a trip to the local antiques store this afternoon . . .

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links for 2007-11-21

Serious Eats: Recipes: Cook the Book: Potato Skillet Pie Not sure about the sage here. An experiment. (tags: recipes cooking potatoes) David Lebovitz: Chocolate-Cherry Fruitcake Recipe No questionable ingredients here! This is a MUST! (tags: recipes cooking Christmas cakes chocolate … Continue reading

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links for 2007-11-20

Rice Pilaf with Dried Cherries and Toasted Pistachios by Diane Rossen Worthington Another thing to try. (tags: recipes cooking pistachios pilaf cherries) Crispy Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Dates by Diane Rossen Worthington We had a version of these at a party Saturday … Continue reading

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Who’s afraid of a little color?

These people obviously aren’t. These photos appeared in a Times article today. I’m sticking them up here for reference. I have a great fantasy about a big bedroom where you could also lounge around on a couch, reading a book, … Continue reading

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Round the square

Great article in today’s Wall Street Journal:  Don’t Be a Square At the Post Office — There’s a Surcharge Card Makers Feel Boxed In By Rules Favoring Rectangles; Mr. Friedman’s ‘Debacle’   By BARRY NEWMAN November 15, 2007; Page A1 … Continue reading

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A little fun with our neighbors to the north

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Department of “Things Could Always Be Worse”

Tiny little item from today’s New York Times: November 15, 2007 World Briefing | Africa Tanzania: Apology for Surgical Mix-Up   By AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE     Health Minister David Homeli Mwakyusa has apologized in Parliament for a surgical mix-up at … Continue reading

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links for 2007-11-15

New vending machine can identify minors : National : DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri) I’m starting to get very, very obsessed by the Japanese. Or perhaps I should say, by the combination of Japanese and vending machines. Or things … Continue reading

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I’m getting a wee bit tired of . . .

General Musharraf and Ms. Bhutto (the New York Times must be getting tired of them, too, as today they’ve been pushed to page A12). Paula Deen (oh, this will not make my sister, who is one of PD’s big fans, … Continue reading

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