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Can you say “cornbread” in French?

Here’s my French “cornbread”: It’s actually quite delicious. A VERY, VERY crusty loaf, made with cornmeal and flour. Good toasted, with almond butter! Below, my “kitchen.”

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Out the door

Headed to my first day at work! Here are some photos to keep you occupied until I return. There are a couple of interior shots of my new place (others to come after everything is, um, cleaned up); my “rental … Continue reading

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Random notes

Seriously random bits from the past few days: The French have never been told not to change lanes in a tunnel. There are many tunnels here, zooming us under the Alps. Speaking of the Alps, where is Mont Blanc, exactly? … Continue reading

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links for 2009-01-08

Currents – Fabric – Do-It-Yourself Textiles – Note to all my artsy friends: this is great! And it comes to you, naturally, from North Carolina! (tags: fabric printed textiles)

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Day two: tres complique!

A few highlights of today: It is pitch-black at 8 in the morning. What the heck is the latitude here? Must look that up. Everything I did today took 7 times longer than it should have. Finding where I was … Continue reading

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First day in France

Arrived in Ferney-Voltaire after an easy but packed 7-hr flight from JFK to Geneva. The woman in front of me

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