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links for 2010-01-21

Tongue in Cheek: One French Secret about Baking The famous French yogurt cake. And now I even have the pots! (tags: baking cakes yogurt french)

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links for 2010-01-20

Photo of the Day: Spampersand Priceless. (tags: spam)

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New York, New York–it’s my kind of town

Check out why here.

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Loved this article from the NYT

Having spent plenty of time in the UK, I could really relate to, and thoroughly enjoyed, this article. Here’s to Anglo-American understanding! January 3, 2010 Letter From London My American Friends By GEOFF DYER The first thing I ever heard … Continue reading

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Young Pianist Thrust Into Elite Group –

Odd, the pianist Kirill Gerstein thought. A music critic from Houston was coming to interview him in Jacksonville, Fla. Mr. Gerstein

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links for 2010-01-06

made with love: miniature champagne bistro chair Pretty sure I have blogged these before, but can’t help myself–they are just so cute. (tags: champagne chairs)

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These photos, from today’s walk, were taken with my iPhone. Which isn’t the best camera, but is interesting to use–and available. As they say, the best camera is the one you have with you! Snowy landscapes continue. That impressive-looking peak … Continue reading

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It’s turning into a snow album. But it’s so beautiful.

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Snow in Ferney! Now I think winter is finally here. Photos from today’s walk to work.

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Photos taken on today’s long walk.

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