Monthly Archives: December 2011

It’s what’s for dinner

Cowboy ciao chopped salad.  

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Great news, y’all!

The renaissance of farm to table, Southern style.

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Went to Raleigh today to see Rembrandt in America. Some very fine paintings to admire.

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New go-to supper item

What’s not to like about this? Tips: put the chocolate on one slice of bread only; leave the other just buttered.

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The story of the santons

Via friend Corey, here is a beautiful post about the Provencal creche, a tradition I have happily adopted.     

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Remembrance of things past

Tonight I watched a video of the Lovefeast at Wake Forest. It brought me to tears. How many years did I wrap candles, sing in the choir? How much do I love that marvelous Moravian hymn, Morning Star, O Cheering … Continue reading

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Crazy times

It has been so long since I posted on my own blog that I  just felt compelled to put down a placeholder. The lure of travel still beckons: Bangkok, back to India, Malaysia, Vietnam, and so many other places I … Continue reading

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