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Recapturing my creative self

The last couple of weeks have been a long, hard slog. Work took me to Berlin and to Paris, both, of course, glorious locations, though I mainly saw the interiors of our meetings and hotel rooms. Arrived home Wednesday, limp … Continue reading

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Not so super bugs and a few rather more super bits of randomness

Antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance: It’s what I’m working on now and it’s both fascinating and terrifying. I will be attending this meeting in Berlin this week. Looking forward to hearing about what people around the world are doing to prevent the apocalypse! … Continue reading

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Shine on, shine on

Harvest moon   

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Of dolphins, autumn, and the Cazelets

This is seriously cool. I took my camera out at lunch today to try to capture some of the beauty of our sudden autumn. And now . . . to the Brig and the Duchy, Hugh, Edward, Rupert, and Rachel, … Continue reading

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After le weekend

Our little community of friends in Segny has been mighty active lately, especially when it comes to socializing! This weekend saw the second in a series of long, leisurely, communal Sunday lunches, only this one happened to be on Saturday. … Continue reading

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