Headed to Bangkok in February and reading a book about street food
(of course) in preparation. Shall I eat cubed duck blood? Drink cold
chrysanthemum tea or pickled plum juice? Stir-fried morning glory?
Definitely may have to visit the toast cart: toast and only toast.

There’s one place where you have to write down your own order. In Thai. That should be interesting. 

Must use this NYTimes article as a guide:


The New York Times


January 6, 2008

Street Smarts in Bangkok


SURROUNDED by groups of civil servants greedily slurping bowls of soup at Chote Chitr, a tiny, family-run restaurant in the older part of Bangkok,
our table soon overflows like a Thai Thanksgiving. The yam makhua, a
salad of grilled long eggplants topped with tiny dried shrimps, combines
the tang of fresh shallots with expert charring. Prepared by the hand
of a skilled griller, the vegetables retain a smoky crunch on the
outside, but a first bite pierces the crackling char and reveals a juicy
eggplant so sweet it resembles a ripe peach, full of lime juice and
fish sauce that has soaked into the flesh.

Next comes Chote Chitr

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