My tour of psychiatric hospitals, part 2

main destination: Maria-Gugging, home of the Donauklinikum, which is a
psychiatric hospital where lots of artists happen to be. They have a
workshop there called Haus der Kunstler,
which is decorated in a kind of outsider art/art brut style, as well as
a gallery where the work is displayed and sold. A lot like Adolf
Wolfli’s work; maybe he used to be a patient there? Or it could have
been Switzerland, I forget which.

There was nobody around at the Haus, but I peeked in and didn’t see a
thing. Took some pictures of the outside and of the gardens, where
absolutely everything is decorated–chairs, benches, poles, you name it.
Reminded me of some of Uncle Reedy’s work!

Then I went to the gallery, where I met a couple from Atlanta. They
collect folk art, and they were buying. I should have bought, too,
because I am sure I could have resold my purchases at a handsome profit.
Naturally, I didn’t think of this very enterprising American idea until
I had left!

This was my second pilgrimage to a psychiatric hospital! There’s a great one in Vienna, the Kirche am Steinhof, which was designed by Otto Wagner, with stained glass by Karl Moser.

Did I mention I am staying at the Steigenberger Avance Hotel? Check out the photos!

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