When you just need more color

I braced myself for a visit to Sennelier on a recent trip to Paris and bought myself a 48-pan watercolor palette. It was a bit of a production, as it involved ordering the plastic half-pans (mark this down, Francophiles, they are called “demi-godets”–you will thank me for this later) separately, also from Sennelier, but not from their website, which you can’t order from, but you can email them, and although they don’t reply, if you call them, they’ll act like you’ve lost your mind, since BIEN SÛR they got your email and have set aside the goods for you to pick up!

Ah, life in la belle France. . . .

It took me about half a day to insert the pans, find my tube watercolors, find a few paints in pans that I already had, figure out how I wanted to lay them out, etc., etc.

Then I had to make my key, since recreation and refilling is hopeless without one.

Et voilà.

My big palette


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