After le weekend

Our little community of friends in Segny has been mighty active lately, especially when it comes to socializing! This weekend saw the second in a series of long, leisurely, communal Sunday lunches, only this one happened to be on Saturday.

Friends Priya and Shabby hosted us for a delicious feast of dishes from Persiana.


I posted a few photos on Instagram, but failed to snap one of the dessert, a rosewater and pistachio rice pudding made by one of my resident interns, Freya. We are lucky to be able to find such exotic ingredients as rose petals and barberries at our excellent local Middle Eastern shop, which is known variously as Goodies or Goodtaste.

And then there was a considerable amount of lying around the house, watching Netflix, prepping food for the week ahead, drawing some buildings outdoors (more on this to come), noodling around online, worrying about the Catalan vote, and stopping by the crazy-big vide grenier (“empty attic” in French, much like a yardsale) in Ferney. Where I bought nothing but enjoyed roaming around.

Finally, I finished with the Cazalets. Review coming up. Watch this space.

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