Art and writing

Sad news on the literary front. I loved Shadow of the Wind.

Some great news, however, on another literary front. Our little bookshop in Ferney-Voltaire now stocks English books and can order anything you want! Delivery is about a week. No need to give my money to Amazon France anymore! Support your local bookshop!

I finally had a quintessentially French experience this morning, my first since lockdown, many months ago. I had an appointment at the bank. As I left the bank, I saw that all the cafes were open, there were loads of sidewalk tables, and the sun was shining brightly. I sat right down and had a coffee. GLORIOUS.

Morning coffee at La Truite.

And, finally, some fun pandemic art, created by one of my baby-baby-baby cousins, Garrison McLellan! He is drawing various imagined Pokemon characters. I asked for a French one. How great is this? With beret and baguette! I printed it out and put it in my journal and wanted to share it with you, too. Thanks, Garrison!

Original artwork © Garrison McLellan.




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  1. Patty says:

    Love it and would love to see your journal! xo

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