Next international night? Need a theme.

At Saturday night’s Turkish feast, we started batting around the idea
of future theme dinners. A Norwegian and a Ugandan at the table decided
their two countries have so much in common (hmm, I think that was
mainly something about oil) that they should band together for the next
theme night. I don’t know, Norwegian-Ugandan cuisine? Lutefisk (below)
plus —- ??? Perhaps I should throw this contest open to other ideas. .
. . Your thoughts?


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2 Responses to Next international night? Need a theme.

  1. Maya says:

    Norwegian and Ugandan? Hmmmmm I think it might be best to keep those two

  2. dana says:

    so many opportunties for themed cuisine. Personally, I think yu could
    have a running theme of southern food- you’ve already done traditional
    (I think) thanksgiving, then there’s 4th of july, oyster tasteing in an r
    month, tomato sandwiches and pimento cheese in the summer, clambake,
    smithfield ham (accept no european substitutes, get it vac packed from
    padows) pulled pork, and the list goes on.

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