Now interrupting long blog silence!

Random updates: I am
trying to get my life in order; get back to my creative pursuits; decide
whether to buy a dog; and get some reading done.

Just finished a
Lee Child novel, hmmm, something about Tomorrow in the title (good);
reading half a dozen books on my Kindle (love the Kindle, but it’s not
quite the same as a book); plowing through a book about Lincoln as a
writer (excellent), and about to start the Stieg Larsson trilogy, as
friend Alice has gone all staying-up-all-night reading over the first

Photos from weekend in Bourgogne coming up (see item #1 above). Stay tuned.

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  1. Janet says:

    You failed to mention that you’re also rebottling and alphabetizing your
    spices. Very, very important in the quest towards an orderly life.

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