Notes from Manila

The Manila Hotel is a fine old place. True, it tends to run out of hot water in the mornings and the wifi was wonky until a lovely young woman at the concierge desk gave me a tip for resetting it–but it’s tremendously comfortable and inviting, with an exceptionally friendly staff.

The quality of the pianists in the lobby is variable, but I venture to say that is generally the case everywhere.

After the meeting today, I was so, so tired. Typing for hours on end is pretty tiring to begin with, as you will appreciate.

Fortunately, I was able to make a beeline for the pool when we got back to the hotel.

So there I was, in the steamy Manila evening, the sunset a lovely purple over the Bay, doing some water aerobics and feeling grateful for the water–just one incongruous note, the Christmas carols blaring from the swim-up bar!


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