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Happy apr├Ęs Halloween

As long as the current crop of reality-challenged folks is running the USA, there will be no shortage of materials for writers, or indeed, anyone who’s just looking for distraction. This is a sadly hilarious and clever piece. #languagewarning, as … Continue reading

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An oddity or two

You have to admit, this isn’t the sort of thing that happens every day. Apparently, this is the best toothbrush on the planet. I may have to try it.    

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ER, part 1

  Addressing the women’s division of the United Jewish Appeal just after the Second World War, in 1946, Eleanor Roosevelt said, “We let our consciences realize too late the need of standing up against something that we knew was wrong. … Continue reading

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It’s about time

I was in Ethiopia when this dispute was in full flower. Now settled, as it should be. Ending Dispute, Starbucks Is to Help Ethiopian Farmers   By THE NEW YORK TIMES     After a dispute over coffee trademarks that … Continue reading

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