Day two: tres complique!

A few highlights of today:

It is pitch-black at 8 in the morning. What the heck is the latitude here? Must look that up.

I did today took 7 times longer than it should have. Finding where I
was going (the Apple store in Geneva); finding a place to park (see
below); finding a hat (I was nearly frozen into an ice cube).

found the (nearly unmarked) Apple store, only to be told that I had to
have a residence permit to get a phone. Went to the Swisscom store, only
to be told I should get a prepaid phone in France.

Found a hat. At a ski shop. For $35. This, an ordinary woolen hat. But WARM. So I paid up.

question: Is Globus the most expensive department store on the planet?
Probably not, actually, but when I went to the little stand-up cafe and
stood in (one of many possible) lines for a while, and then got a bowl
of Singapore noodles and a Diet Coke, and the bill came to $30, I was
beginning to wonder.

Parking garage mishap: found my car. This, a
triumph. However, the automatic cashier thingamadoodge didn

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  1. kelee says:

    Maybe the dishwasher in place of the oven is how the French stay so thin and soft-handed.

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