Eyewitness account

Friend Alice provides her own very colorful account of The Great Fall of 2010:

“It was a dark night. Two feeble candles
dully flickered on the steps pointing to the welcoming lights of the
house below. I leapt down the path, and glanced up to see Faith making
her way down like a grand dame, gingerly, as if the whole world was
about to collapse beneath her feet. “You are walking like an old lady,”
I called out. No sooner had the words left my mouth than her feet shot
from under her and she pitched into the air, arms flailing as she launched
on her maiden flight. Down she went, tumbling and tearing at roots and
shredding leaves, bumping in the snow until she somersaulted and ended
upside down, wedged in a hedge. I saw a hand feebling waving in the
dark. “I am here,” she called weakly. “Down here.”

Oh dear. I stumbled into the house, hysterical – with laughter – and
hauled a debonair Belgian away from his champagne. “It’s Faith,” I
said. “She is in the hedge. You have to get her out.”

“Faith,” said the
debonair Belgian, astonished to find that his host duties for the night
included search and rescue. “Faith,” he said, “you find zuch
interesting ways to drop in…I haf to say zat I am verree glad zat you
are not wearing a short skirt – it would be very embarrrrrrasssing.
(Belgians are very conservative).

“Just get me out,” she said. “I
am tangled up in a root.” Much heaving and pulling and puffing ensued and
finally Faith was retrieved, a little bent, with a leaf in her mouth
and a bee in her bonnet about my causing her fall through my quite
extraordinary powers of suggestion.

Last night I believe she sat up all night writing a novella called
La Chute. Can someone please tell her the title has already been used.”


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2 Responses to Eyewitness account

  1. Maya says:

    Hahahahahaha! That was a glorious retelling. I think this story may get
    passed down from generation to generation!

  2. Harper J. Finch says:

    Janet shared this story with me. I must admit, I laughed. At least it
    was a hedge and not kudzu. If it had been kudzu we would likely never
    have gotten you back!

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