Getting out from under the news

No words left, no more outrage for the state of the world right now. I think I may just have to resort to asking the Lord to come back and get it all over with it.

This morning, I was trying out a wonderful new café in Ferney-Voltaire, Augustine et Balthazar, where I went with my journal and a magazine and a book, after the market. I got to talking (in French, of course) with the server and we lamented the state of the world together. I said, “I’m an American and I’m depressed and sad about the state of my country.”

She basically replied, “Honey, I’m from Algeria. How do you think I’ve felt for the last 50 years?” Which made me feel better/worse and we sighed/laughed.

The magazine I had with me is the amazing eye-candy publication known as Uppercase Magazine. The creator/writer/editor/publisher is so creative. She’s got a blog and is on Instagram and everywhere essential! Friend Loretta from Pomegranates and Paper (can’t get the link to her site at the moment, but I will add it when I can) put me on to her. Worth every penny.

I borrowed this great quote from a page in the current issue.


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  1. James Garrison says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love the Picasso quote!

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