Let the pimento cheese wars commence!

Herewith, my recipe for pimento cheese.


Sure to elicit a storm of controversy and comment: that is the
nature of the best Southern condiment/main dish ever invented. Julia
Reed, Reynolds Price, John T. Edge, feel free to enter the fray!

Grate (this is v important, using an old-fashioned type grater, with
the big holes)


some yellow/orange VERY sharp cheese and some WHITE VERY
SHARP cheddar; 2 small jars pimentos, drained, if you can get them–if
not, you’ll have to use roasted peppers or roast your own, heavens; 


mayonnaise to bind and to taste–it must be homemade or
Hellman’s–not Duke’s or Miracle Whip or Kraft or any such other thing,
under any circumstances!; pinch of coarse salt, some fresh-ground
pepper, and a good squeeze of fresh lemon
juice. But here is the BIG SECRET—about 1 Tbsp or maybe 2 Tbsp but
not too much, of GRATED, not sliced, not diced, not anything ELSE,
ONION. Grated with the same grater as for the cheese, juice and all of
the onion. Also, a good grating (same, same) of
Parmesan cheese is a killer addition. But as it’s very salty, you must
taste before seasoning.

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