Miscellany of cool things

Who knew the New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority has its own photographer? 


Like plenty of others, I am fascinated by tiny houses. This one is really intriguing, not just the building but the whole ethos and the story behind it. And in my home state of North Carolina!

The incredibly talented Jessica Abel has a new website. If you don’t know her work and wisdom, you should. So sorry I didn’t get to meet her IRL when she was living in France, but I have learned so much from her.

I made banana bread this week (this recipe). Didn’t have walnuts; threw in some pecans. Used no-sugar chocolate chips, which gave me a righteous feeling. So delicious. But when I threw away the skins, I thought to myself, I know there are great no-waste people making things with banana peels. Today, up pops this! Must make.

More as I uncover it!

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