My little village

This morning the wind is blowing 150 km/hr. I have been awake off and
on for hours, with the shutters banging against the windows and the
wind howling. No walking to work today. I just hope the F bus is up to
the job!

Below, my apartment building. I call it a Soviet-style
apartment block, a style for which there seems to be much enthusiasm
around here. I had to get used to the look of it; even the buildings
just going up look a good deal like it. Being able to see Mont Blanc
from my living room makes up for it, though.


This is “downtown” Ferney. We have essentially 3 streets of
shops and services (and lots and lots of banks and insurance companies).
The church is at the end of the main drag, which intersects with the
street I live on. I zip in front of the church every morning, en route
to the bus or walking to work. Not sure what’s going on with the trees


Our shopping streets:



That’s Voltaire, above. He is the patriarch of our town.

Below, some shops and storefronts.




Must leave for work, so I leave you with just a little teaser.
Here is a peek at Annecy, where I went this weekend. It is in the



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