New potential obsession

This will worry my family and friends slap to death, as we used to say in the South.

I’ve always been intrigued by miniatures, especially miniature furniture in miniature houses.

There used to be at least a couple of dollhouse stores in New York, and I did at least once peer in the window of one, but I didn’t go in, as I thought to myself, THAT WAY DISASTER LIES.

Now I have found out that there’s even a guide to making a miniature FRENCH COUNTRY HOUSE! 

I have no room for a dollhouse or its tiny furniture or inhabitants, no matter how tiny.

But I sure do like to look! Just ran across this article. Aren’t these, by the Japanese artist Kiyomi, amazing?

Source here

And then I ran across more images as below (royalty-free; no information on the photographers or the makers, alas).

You can follow the Japanese artist on Instagram here and the French author of the book above here. 

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