Pandemic lockdown #1

I have actually been in lockdown since March 3, I think. Because I have extremely severe asthma, I got worried and decided to start working from home. Only a few days later, almost everyone at WHO started working remotely.

Oddly, I have written almost nothing about this strange new world we find ourselves in. I decided today that I must settle down and get some creative work going, in addition to my work-work.

We are still able to go out for walks near our houses, as long as we have the official form from the French government that explains why we are out: “walking dog” would seem to be fairly self-evident, according to Poppy and Ivy.

My friend Alice is staying with me, as she has been undergoing cancer treatments and all the friends who were scheduled to come and stay with her have had to cancel. I am so grateful that she is here, as I think I would have gone bonkers already if I had to be alone. Our friend Bex from Paris is working at WHO and has switched over from living with me to living at Alice’s and taking care of her cats.

Our saving grace so far is that we have been able to go out for walks and the weather has been so beautiful it hardly seems real. This week it is meant to get a bit colder.

First we walked through the center of Ferney, which was nearly completely deserted.

Today was grey and cold, but we had a wonderful walk until we learned that we were in a park that was officially closed! We found a sign that said, STAY AT HOME! THIS PARK IS CLOSED! AND THERE IS A 135 EURO FINE FOR BEING IN IT! Sez I, the town really should put a sign up at both entrances to the park 😉

Poppy and Ivy enjoyed themselves hugely, even though it was all forbidden.

I took Poppy out of her puppy carriage and she went for a RUN!

Coming up: lockdown recipes, amusements, projects. Bon courage to all!


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4 Responses to Pandemic lockdown #1

  1. Milly Sheffer says:

    Thanks for sharing, Faith. Glad you and Alice are together. Stay safe.

  2. Lynn says:

    Dave and I walked out dog at noon today. We didn’t see a sole out. Glad you are safe and have someone there. Dave has been going into work each day but that may change tomorrow.

  3. Karima says:

    Looking forward to projects and recipes.

  4. André Méhu says:

    Thank you for sharing, Faith. Hope you’re doing well. Stay healthy.

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