Somebody, please stop me before I buy all this stuff

This fun post below from one of my favorite blogs, Not Martha (


“Choo choo! Check out the rock candy smoke. It’s so cute my brain hurts a little.

Williams-Sonoma always has some baking item I lust over but simply don’t need (pumpkin cake pan, stadium pan!) but this season there are a few items which are really tempting me. First is the Railyway cake pan.
It’s a train, a whole train, with an engine and a caboose! I’m so
excited. (Now, one could do the same with some cleverly decorated mini
loaf cakes…)


The other thing tempting me is this 3-D cookie set. I’ve seen 3-D cookies before but I find the way it’s all packaged together for you oddly comforting.”

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