Speaking of extraordinary

I have been feeling mildly sorry for myself, nervous on my first outing (by car) in these pandemic times, masked and hand-gelled to the hilt, wiping down surfaces in hotel rooms with disinfectant, giving people a wide berth in the streets, alert to any cough or sneeze.

While it may not have been the best choice of subject matter, I have been riveted by the audio version of this extraordinary novel, which is so insightful as to be completely chilling. I keep reminding myself, it’s only a novel! But, but, but. See for yourself.

Add to this the weather in northern France, gray skies and spitting rain: a recipe for melancholy.

But then I read this extraordinary obituary, and I resolved to stop feeling even remotely sorry for myself. Read it all the way to the end. And marvel at what people can overcome.


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