The famous broccoli casserole

No idea where this came from, perhaps the Greensboro Junior League
Cookbook or similar. Anyway, ’twas years ago, and this is my version.
Europeans will have to adjust quantities, same as I do, by
guesstimation. Multiplies by any amount, however many you need to feed.

1 box frozen broccoli, cooked, chopped, cooled

2 cups hot, cooked rice

1 can cream of chicken (not cream of anything else) soup

1 package Philadelphia cream cheese

a goodly amount of toasted slivered or sliced, what have you, almonds

maybe some breadcrumbs, it depends on how bare it looks, along with a few more of the almonds

Combine all. Put in casserole-type pan. Bake at 350-425 or whatever
oven temp you can spare, depending on what else is cooking, till
done-golden-ish, maybe 25-45 mins.

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