What Rick is cooking

Topolo entree I'm excited about: soft shell crab (crispy legs... on Twitpic

that I have found Rick Bayless’s Twitter feed, I am hooked on checking
out what he’s cooking (or his daughter, who is doing Monday-night
suppers at home to get ready for college–somehow I don’t think what
she’s making is the sort of thing I fixed in college). Click the photo
for description.

Later today I will be posting, but probably not photographing, what I am cooking tonight.

new Wake Forest grads wandered into our good pizza place in Ferney last
night and sat down at the table next to us. They looked to be about 12.
Just starting a trip through Europe. Bought their dinner, gave them
some advice on how to get around, and a good time was had by all. They
vowed to keep their WFU shirts on all through their trip, just in case
they should run into other alums!

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