Why I love New York in general, and Park Slope in particular

Brooklyn_2 Over at Pomegranatesandpaper,
my friend Loretta is running a fun series of lists for bloggers on
Fridays. Today’s is “reasons you love to live where you live.” So here
we go:

  • I’ve got a great apartment, which, unlike many New York
    apartments, is larger than a breadbox, doesn’t have a bathtub in the
    kitchen (though some have been known to complain–loudly–about the size
    of the bathroom that does exist), and actually has a kitchen, instead
    of a hot plate in the living room (I saw all of these variations when I
    was hunting for a place)
  • Park_slope_1
    Park Slope is a real neighborhood, where I have all my favorite local
    haunts,including a good butcher, excellent bakeries, and even a
    candlemaker (ok, well, they don’t actually make the candles there, but
    they do carry my favorite tapers)
  • We have three, THREE, independent bookshops, on the same street!
    And, for when I’m feeling in the mood to frequent a bastion of
    globalization, Barnes and Noble, on the said same street
  • You can get a pastrami sandwich at 3 o’clock in the morning. I never
    have, but I sleep better knowing that it’s possible. New York is the
    perfect spot for the restless, the ADHD-inclined . . .
  • THE NEW YORK TIMES on the doorstep. EVERY MORNING. And on Saturdays, we get most of the Sunday paper. GLORIOUS.
  • Cafes with free wi-fi, and not just that other bastion of
    globalization, Starbucks (which I happen to love). Tea Lounge, Chocolate
    Bar, Comfortzone (a Turkish cafe), and, wi-fi-less (I think?) but a
    favorite nonetheless, Cafe Regular. Oh so French.
  • Park Slope is a little respite from the bustle of Manhattan. I
    breathe a little sigh of relief when I climb out of the train station.
    And we’ve got a huge park, just like Central Park, designed by the same
  • The flea market in front of PS51. Where Lorraine sells brand-new
    books that have just been published for a pittance–her boss is in
    publishing or something. And there are lots of other great vendors.
  • Every venue you can imagine, for everything you might ever want to
    see: foreign films, theatre of every description, Austrian art. MoMA,
    the Frick, the Morgan library (soon to reopen), the Guggenheim, weird
    galleries in Chelsea, Christie’s showrooms!
  • Friends in the neighborhood: they’re the people, when not yet friends, who got me to move here.
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2 Responses to Why I love New York in general, and Park Slope in particular

  1. Loretta says:

    Great list! Viva la Brooklyn!

  2. Shirley D. McLellan says:

    Great reasons to love New York But how about some reasons to love the South from an unbiased person such as you.

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