A really great “listen”

Of course, I knew the film version of True Grit. I mean the 1969 one, with John Wayne, not the Coen Brothers’ 2010 version–though I am sure I have to watch that now.

What I didn’t realize was what a great book it is. Recently, people I admire–Austin Kleon and Donna Tartt–have confessed their love of Charles Portis‘s writing.

Here is Tartt’s essay from the New York Times.

When I found out that she had recorded the audiobook, I had to get it right away.

She is the perfect reader, with her magnificent Mississippi accent. Then there’s the dialogue, the story, the writing, the BOOK. Altogether deeply satisfying and highly recommended.

Have you read Portis? Speak up in the comments. And if you haven’t, get to it!

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