There’s nothing like a good obit–and a good book

While sorting through an endless piles of papers recently, I came across several newspaper clippings, annotated by Mom. “Thought you would enjoy this great obituary!” was a typical note. Mom and I shared a fascination with obituaries. Of course, we had to have this enormous tome, the only downside of which is that it’s far too heavy to prop up for reading comfortably in bed!

So naturally I thought of Mom when I came across this obituary of a guy I never heard of before, but who obviously had an incredible (and short) life. A real Renaissance man. I am going to treat myself to his Festschrift in the next few days.

Have you been following the Instagram account of my friend Dotty FitzGerald? She lives on Lake Ontario and has taken the most incredible (iPhone only, no filters!) photos of sunrises and sunsets there. She’s compiled them into a little book, which I can hardly wait to have in my hot little hands–and it’s small enough to read in bed! Stealing one photo here to tempt you . . . .

Just one of Dotty’s incredible photos. ┬ęDorothy P. FitzGerald.

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