First day of déconfinement in France! And a slice of Britishness

Today life is meant to start returning to something like normal in France. We can travel more than 100 km from our homes; restaurants are open; and I don’t know what all. I am not quite ready. Still very wary. Wearing a mask in public for the indefinite future. Dashing through all shopping and trying not to touch anything. Using loads of hand sanitizer and have sung the Doxology approximately 1 million times while washing my hands, with the prospect of countless gazillions more to come. We shall see.

I wake up early (for me) in these pandemic days–whether I’ve slept (unlikely) or not (highly, highly likely) and immediately turn on (who am I kidding? I make Alexa do it!) BBC Radio 4. Unfortunately, the segment I am most addicted to is the one most likely to send me back to sleep: the Shipping Forecast. Is there anything more mesmerizing than its mysterious monotones?

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My friend Catherine knows all about it and why it is not in fact mysterious. Perhaps she will weigh in with a comment. And all of you closet Shipping Forecast addicts–weigh in!




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