Pandemic lockdown #15: a book and a look around the neighborhood

If you don’t know Slightly Foxed, the quarterly for book lovers, the publishers of (mostly) overlooked treasures and the home of an excellent podcast, correct the error of your ways immediately.

One of my favorite reads of the pandemic is a book they published, To War with Whitaker. Just to whet your appetite–as I will have more to say about this book later–did you know that, in the Second World War, you could take your valet with you to the war?!

The weather has continued to be simply glorious. My friend Richard Lane, who lives in what is normally cold, grey, rainy England, and I agreed that this pandemic, as bad as it is, would have been totally unbearable had the weather not been gobsmackingly beautiful.

A few photos of recent walks in the neighborhood.


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2 Responses to Pandemic lockdown #15: a book and a look around the neighborhood

  1. Lynn Odom says:

    Very pastoral setting. Love the sheep. Our Spring has been much nicer than in year’s past. Today the high is 75! In June 1!

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