Pandemic lockdown #14: on (not) reading and writing

Lo, these many days and weeks of pandemic quarantine, I have promised myself to write about it all. But living through what we are living through AND writing about it has seemed overwhelming.

I thought I would turn to reading, but I have been too distracted until recently.

I did quickly finish the marvelous The Splendid and the Vile: A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the Blitz, by one of my favorites, Erik Larson.

Written in energetic short scenes, this book is as close to a thriller as you can get. Highly recommended.

The title is taken from the diaries of the famous father of a friend here. John Colville was Churchill’s private secretary and you can read his version of events in his diary The Fringes of Power.

More on reading to come.

I leave you with 2 lockdown recipes that we have greatly enjoyed. I used to love Shake Shack when I lived in New York. Thanks to Deb Perelman, I now know how to make a good copycat recipe. Alas, hamburger buns in France are stale and awful. Cousin Judy Dier McLellan put me on to this great and easy recipe. Takes some time but the results were amazing. Go forth and make them both!

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