Just trying to keep up

with Loretta, my friend at Pomegranates and Paper, who is a newish friend, writes a terrific blog, a great column in Cloth, Paper, Scissors,
takes photos, creates art journals, and all kinds of other amazing
things I can’t even begin to enumerate. Did I mention that she’s got a
full-time, really demanding job as an attorney and an enormous family
she’s really close to? All this is to say, I’m struggling to write a
paragraph on this blog, but I am determined to keep it up at LEAST FOR
THE FIRST FULL WEEK OF JANUARY! Thanks to Loretta and all the other real
bloggers I know!

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  1. Loretta says:

    Thanks for the kudos. It becomes a habit after awhile and then a
    compulsion. Keep at it – you certainly have a more interesting life to
    write about!

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