News, reading, le weekend

On Saturday mornings, I try to catch up on the news, the Food Network, and otherwise luxuriate in being able to stay in bed in my pajamas.

This is a pretty startling piece of news about India’s overcrowded, under-resourced railways. 

In a few hours, I will be bereft of a large, complicated family with whom I’ve spent several weeks this summer. I will write more about the Cazelets when I’ve finished this magnificent series of novels.

Kudos to whichever one of my friends recommended these books to me, after a long discussion on Facebook. Huge thanks. Watch this space for the review.

Very much looking forward to reading this profile of one of my writing heroes, John McPhee. His latest book, at age 86, is about his creative process, which I know already to be strenuous and detailed in the extreme.

Bon weekend, all!


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