Ok, so agriculture was never my strong point

I arrived in Krems yesterday, I noticed lots of fields full of what
appeared to be tobacco on its last legs. You know, most of the leaves
had been pulled, but there were a few yellowing ones left. The plants
were really a bit scraggly, but I figured, hey, maybe it’s some kind of
tobacco the Austrians prefer.

Then as I was headed up the road to my hotel, I came upon a tobacco
museum (or a workshop or a university, er, I couldn’t decide exactly
what the sign said). So I thought, aha, I am in a big tobacco-growing
area. Felt right at home.

Today I got a closer look at those “tobacco” plants, and was
surprised to see that sunflowers were coming out of the tops! Oops! That
would be Sonnenblumen I was looking at, not Tabak!

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