Plane reading

So grateful that I bought a book at the Geneva airport today, as I had all kinds of reading-related complications–magazines buried deep in my carry-on, which was crammed into an inaccessible overhead bin, couldn’t fit my paper copy of the Luminaries in any pocket, etc., etc.

I loved Patti Smith’s Just Kids, and I’d been wanting to read her latest, the National Book Award-winning M Train. And, indeed, there it was, in Payot, a paperback at the gobsmacking/completely normal Swiss price of 29,50 CHF. Snapped it up.

And I am so glad I did. Smith is an evocative, poetic, imaginative writer. She has read everything, and I do mean everything. 

I found myself making notes, scribbling lists, wanting to read everything she’s read.

Highly recommended. It even helped me cope with my cancelled flight and my spontaneous and expensive night at the Newark airport!

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