Super Sunday


Today it was beautiful, sunny, and hot, after a very cool start in the morning.

I went to the Morges Literary Festival, just up the lake, where I’ve always meant to go but hadn’t yet made it. Urged on by one of my first friends in the area, Catherine, who writes the excellent blog Living in Nyon. 

We went to a great talk by the novelist Esther Freud, the great-granddaughter of The Man Himself, and the daughter of the painter Lucian Freud. I bought her latest novel, which is about Charles Rennie Macintosh, whom I’ve always been interested in.


Especially after seeing the Glasgow School of Art.


Then to a very good lunch at a lakeside restaurant in the hot sun, and afterward to another talk, this, by a Haitian-American writer whose book is God Loves Haiti, and a Dutch writer who has written a couple of books I’d like to read, Ararat, and one not yet available in English, about this event, which apparently remains a bit of a mystery.

A very stimulating day, filled with light and friends.

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