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This finding is seriously cool, but the way the researchers figured out how it was done is really fascinating. 

Lately I’ve been watching the PBS series A Chef’s Life, which is great and making me homesick for North Carolina. Last weekend I came out of the grocery store with fresh corn (ahem, I mean, what the good people of France think passes for same; it’s a bit more oriented towards what animals would like than Southerners), white peaches, and some good-looking okra from Senegal. Ended up with some mighty fine fried okra, macaroni and cheese, my version of Vivian Howard‘s tomato sandwich with roasted corn aioli, which, aside from being impossible to eat, was pretty good, and delicious peaches in Moscato.

Now I’ve bought Vivian’s book, Deep Run Roots. I’ve just made a crazy pork and watermelon dish and will be using up that watermelon rind for pickles. Stay tuned for a full report!

These pickles and no doubt the photo belong to Alton Brown! Check his recipe out here.

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